Any Public or private sector corporation or individual contributing BDT 500,000 and above. Any Government or Government undertaking also can become a patron by contributing BDT 5,000,000 or more towards building up of corpus of the CenHerSt. Contact us for details.

We receive donation for books, equipment, research, and other CenHerSt activities.

The membership is open to all scholars, students, owners of heritage properties and heritage lovers. Applications are invited for the categories of Student Member (annual), General Member (annual), Life Member and Institutional member.
Become a member to enjoy outstanding benefits of CenHerSt. Members receive advance notice of CenHerSt activities i.e. exhibitions, programs, tours and much more.

Membership enables you to participate in a wide range of activities offered by the CenHerSt. These include:

Trips to study art, artefacts, archaeological sites, historical sites, natural beauty etc.
Exhibitions of international standard of art, artefacts and photography
Indigenous performances of Bangladesh
Lectures of noted experts on subjects reflecting the CenHerSt’s objectives and its members interests
Seminars that examine, through the research, presentations and publications of local and international specialists, areas that are of pertinent interest to the arts, culture and history of Bangladesh
Research Projects in the arts, culture and natural history. Members can also pursue their own individual interests in these areas through the CenHerSt’s publications
Scholarship/internships/Fellowships for heritage research
Involve into joint research projects
Availing publications of the CenHerSt at special rates
Attending conferences and seminars free of charge or reduced registration fees
Country Category of Members Membership Fee
Bangladesh Student Member (Annual) BDT 500.00
General Member (Annual) BDT 1,000.00
Life Member BDT 5,000.00
Institutional Member BDT 10,000.00
South and Southeast Asia Student Member (Annual) USD 10.00
General Member (Annual) USD 50.00
Life Member USD 100.00
Institutional Member USD 300.00
Other Countries Student Member (Annual) USD 20.00
General Member (Annual) USD 100.00
Life Member USD 300.00
Institutional Member USD 500.00

We have libraries and study centers in remote areas of Bangladesh. To facilitate our study program you may think of donating books that you no longer want.