First Date to Forever-Minnie Driver and Addison O’Dea’s Hollywood Romance

Source: DriverMinnie@Instagram

There’s no Hollywood love story better than one where a filmmaker falls in love with an actress. Isn’t it just so heartening to see two people love the same art and fall for each other far away from the cameras?

Well, one couple that surmises this lovely story arc is Minnie Driver and her fiancé Addison O’Dea. The British-American actress and American filmmaker completed five years of partnership in 2023 and seem to be going strong in the future. 

On November 17, 2023, the Good Will Hunting actress shared a post on Instagram celebrating their anniversary and sharing the details of her first date with O’Dea, “It’s our anniversary today. Five years filled with laughter, grief, creativity and becoming our little tribe of 4 (counting Bob) Here we are on our first formal date, which was a v.glam affair, and you made me laugh so much I spilt a seam in this beautiful dress.”

The Not-So Meet Cute

In 2022, the actress graced the Kelly Clarkson show revealing that the duo met at a friend’s breakfast and later hopped on a “sea-based incursion” where they were “shipwrecked.”

Interestingly, their first meeting was definitely not a meet cute where both expressed their hesitation to enter into a new relationship.  “I’m ruined, I’m never gonna have another boyfriend,” told the actress to O’Dea who replied with, “Well, I don’t want a girlfriend, and definitely not you.

Of course, we became friends. And of course, we fell in love. And of course, we’ve been together ever since,” added the 54-year-old actress explaining their journey.

Making it Official

The popular celebrity duo first publicly announced their relationship at the Amazon Emmy Awards after party at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles in 2019, where the Will & Grace actress was spotted with a dazzling engagement ring on her finger.

Marriage in the cards?

With the traumatic revelation of her father’s secret family and the disappointments from her previous relationships, the A-list actress seems to have moved on from the idea of holy matrimony. 

My parents separated when I was six, but at the age of 12 I discovered that they had never been married, and that throughout their relationship my father was married to somebody else and had another family,” she added.

Her not so smooth breakup with her Good Will Hunting co-star Matt Damon also adds to the mix. The actor announced their breakup at the Oprah Winfrey show, which Minnie described was a “surreal dream.”

Lastly, O’Dea himself seems to be against the institution of marriage. In a recent interview the actress revealed that the 44-year-old filmmaker doesn’t want to get married, and this is what he has to say about it: “‘Why would I want to be in a throuple with the state of California?’… he’s like: ‘I don’t want to institutionalize love’.”

Minnie, who also shares a 15 year old son, Henry with her former boyfriend Timothy J. Lea added that it doesn’t matter as Addison loves her “better and more fully” than anyone has before. 

I don’t need to be formally married, but I would like a celebration of the ritual, I like that,” she continued.

Well, what is needed more than a person who loves you to the fullest and it seems the duo has found their one and only in each other, forever.