Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix- Life post the ‘Scandoval’

The ‘Scandoval’

American actor and television personality Thomas Anthony Sandoval, also known as Tom Sandoval, quickly rose to the heights of fame with his role in the Bravo television series Vanderpump Rules. However, just as quick was the demise of his reputation and career as the star’s multiple relationships became the talk of the town. 

In what was revealed, Tom had an affair with his co-star Rachel Leviss, behind the backs of the show’s producer and more importantly, his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix

What followed was months long public scrutiny of the actor who was termed as a ‘narcissist,’ ‘the Donald Trump of ex-boyfriends’ and more.

His previous girlfriend Kristen Doute, even came out to support his ex-girlfriend Ariana, saying, “Ariana and I’ve been really good friends for many, many years now. So, I am team Ariana — all day, every day. That’s what’s up.”

Life Post the ‘Scandoval’

However, a year post the scandal here’s how has life flourished for the two women:

Kristen Doute

The 41-year-old television personality dated Sandoval for six years from 2007-2013. While they began dating way before either became a celebrity, they were featured together in the debut season of the Vanderpump Rules in 2013. 

While rumours of her cheating on Tom with Taylor surfaced in 2013, the actress accused him of cheating on her with their co-star Ariana Madix in 2014. Later in February of the same year, the TomTom cofounder confessed to having kissed Madix in Las Vegas while he was still in a relationship with Kristen. 

In a recent episode of her “Sex, Love and What Else Matters” podcast, the actress revealed that she had to be skinnier than her former boyfriend who gave her adderall, and laxatives for the same. 

Currently, the actress stars in Bravo’s new show ‘The Valley,’ following several Vanderpump Rules alums and their lives in the adulting phase.

Ariana Madix

While heartbreak may have knocked on Madix’s doorstep with the worst of sorrows, so did national empathy and success. In the year post the scandal, not only has the 38-year-old television celebrity been invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and participated in Dancing with the Stars. She has also landed ads with Duracell batteries, Bic Razors, Uber Eats and Lay’s chips. Additionally, in January 2024 she made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago.

Currently, the actress continues her role in Season 11 of the Vanderpump Rules alongside her infamous ex, Tom Sandoval. While the two share no relationship, they are still engaged in a legal battle for the house they bought together. 

In a teaser scene with Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, she explained her feelings towards her current living arrangement, “I know that the amount of anger I feel for him, I understand it’s not healthy. He’s never gonna say he f*ked up. He hasn’t even told me fked up about the f*king, main thing.” She also added that she maintains a defensive stance due to the trauma she endured in their relationship. 

Well, this season’s main focus is the duo’s current relationship, so who knows what’s in the cards for either of them.