All about Bart Freundlich- Julianne Moore’s husband of 20 years 

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich

Mary & George actress Julianne Moore has been married to American film director, Bartholomew Freundlich since 2003. While the Oscar-winning actress has established herself in Hollywood with roles in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Still Alice and more, she is also a devoted wife and mother of two.

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich Source Name:CCAA.ORG.AU

Here’s all you should know about Bart Freundlich:

Freundlich was born on January 17, 1970 in Manhattan and spent most of his childhood there. Born to Debbie, a marketing consultant and Larry, a writer and publisher, he is Jewish from his father’s side. 

He has graduated with a double major in Cinema Studies and Film and Television Production from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Professionally, he has written and directed a short film titled A Dog Race in Alaska and a documentary titled Hired Hands. However, his award-winning film was his first full-length film, the Myth of the Fingerprints that received accolades at the Sundance Film Festival. 

It was during the shoot of this film that Freundlich met Moore in 1996 and eventually entered into a relationship with her.  

The duo has been married for 20 years, since 2003. The 63 year old actress’s marriage to Bart is her second and longest marriage with her first being with John Gould Rubin which lasted from 1986 to 1995.On the other hand, Bart has only ever been married to Julianne.

When I read the script for [The Myth of Fingerprints], I met Bart Freundlich. I loved it, and I loved his story,” she said, in an interview in 2015. “But I never, ever, ever in my life imagined that making that movie would give me the personal life that I always dreamed of.”

The couple share two children. Their son Caleb Freundlich, was born in 1997 and their daughter Liv Freundlich in April 2002. 

The 54 year old film director has casted his beloved wife in most of his feature films except some like Catch That Kid, The Rebound and Wolves.  

In a 2019 interview, for the film, After the Wedding which had him as the director and Moore as the heroine, Freundlich had this to say: “Because I live with her, we’re both very influenced by each others takes on art and life and artists, and existential philosophy. So that influenced me in writing the film. But I was more interested in seeing what she was going to do with something that was further away from who she was.

And also, I felt like I could swing wildly and that she would find a way to infuse it with reality. . . It’s like having a great athlete who you give a challenge to.”

It seems the duo shares a passionate love for filmmaking and each other and isn’t that what we all want out of life? Someone who loves us and respects what we do.