Amber Tamblyn and David Cross’s Love Beyond the Age

While an age gap might be one of the things that breaks a couple, this one was made by it. Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are one of the very few Hollywood celebrity couples that have been going strong since forever.

Source: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Here’s a little recap of their romantic love story:

The Meet-Cute

Tamblyn and Cross share an age gap of 20 years, with the actress being born in 1983, and the actor in 1964.
While both the celebrities knew of each other from the Hollywood scene, it wasn’t until 2007, when they were on the same flight from Houston to Louisiana, that they officially met. Cross noticed Tamblyn staring at him, so he asked to switch seats so they could sit together. The duo spent the entire flight making fun of the SkyMall catalog, and as they say, the rest is history.

The Love Story

Cross and Tamblyn kissed for the first time while the Spider-Man TV show theme song played in the background. “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.” Who better than Spider-Man knows how to set the tone?

The Wedding

After dating for four years, the couple got engaged in 2011 and subsequently walked down the aisle in 2012. Tamblyn adorned a gorgeous yellow dress and arrived via a canoe. The guestlist included her Sisterhood of Traveling Pants co-stars, Blake Lively, America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel, along with other Hollywood celebrities like Amy Poehler.

The Rifts

Cross and Tamblyn’s marriage is still going strong, but it suffered during the 2016 election. In an interview with Vanyaland, Cross revealed his support for Bernie Sanders, while Tamblyn supported Hillary Clinton. Although it caused a “fair rift” in their marriage, they worked through it.

Later in 2018, Cross created a buzz for his racist behaviour towards his then co-star, Jessica Walters, in an “Arrested Development” interview, which left the actress in tears. He was earlier accused of racism towards actress and comedian Charlyne Yi as well.

Tamblyn received a fair share of criticism for her husband’s actions, however, supported him and made him aware of his mistakes. “His eyes are open to that now if they weren’t before. And this is what it took to have that change. Some men don’t change,” she said. “The thing I can say about David, that I love so much about him, is that he changes. And part of his introspection and his sensitivity is that he’s aware of that,” she added.

The duo surely embodies the ‘power couple’ relationship.