Get to know Grant Savoy, Mickey Guyton’s Love for Life

If you begin to mention country music’s loved couples, do not forget about Mickey Guyton and Grant Savoy. While Mickey may be soaring high from the appreciation bouquet she received from Beyonce for her work as a Black artist in country music, Grant is no less accomplished than his celebrity wife.


Here’s all you need to know about him:

The Meet

Guyton met Savoy through her best friend, who is also his step-sister in 2010. The singer admitted to having pushed Grant and her feelings away in the beginning however, it didn’t last long.
When this man walked into my life I was broken. I put him through hell because I was so hurt. But he persisted and loved me through all of my imperfections and transgressions,” she wrote about Grant in a touching Instagram post. “He put me on a pedestal that I didn’t think I deserved and showed me I was worth it. He now gives me the courage to be the human and artist that I was always meant to be.

Savoy is a Lawyer

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has been a managing partner at the firm Solouki Savoy, LLC, since 2012. He graduated from the Southwestern University of Law in 2011 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Northridge branch of California State University in 2007.

The Marriage

After dating for seven years, the duo got hitched in 2017. They announced their engagement in 2013 and subsequently had a picturesque wedding in Hawaii. “Having a big wedding is not my thing, so when my family decided on a vacation to Kauai, I thought, ‘Why not let it be a family vacation turned wedding?’ We got married in front of 23 family and friends on the beach,” Guyton told PEOPLE. “It was gorgeous! My husband has family from Kauai so it was important to him to have a luau at the wedding reception.”

The Baby

In August 2020, Guyton announced their pregnancy, sharing her ultrasound pictures in a social media post. In February 2021, the celebrity couple welcomed a son whom they named Grayson. “Even in times of darkness, like the ones we as a society find ourselves in today, God always finds a way to shine His light on the beautiful side of life, like the miracle of life itself,” she wrote in the caption of the post.