Julie Delpy has been a loving mother to her son Leo Streitenfeld

Hollywood has given a lot of talented faces over the years. Some of them are now described as legends due to their flawless performances on screen. One of them is Julie Delpy who managed to impress everyone since the 70s and has been featured in a lot of successful projects such as An American Werewolf in Paris.

Just like every other celebrity in the entertainment industry, Julie’s personal life soon became a topic of discussion for the public. Although she divorced her partner Marc Streitenfeld around 12 years ago, she married for the second time with Dimitris Birbilis. Furthermore, Delpy is a mother of a son named Leo.

Julie Delpy’s son has been out of the limelight for all this time

Julie Delpy’s son has been out of the spotlight over the years (Image via Yahoo)

The actress’ marriage and divorce have been in full view of the public and they almost know everything about the same. But when it comes to her son Leo, there is hardly any information available on him. For now, people know that he was born in 2009 when Julie was with Marc.

It remains unknown if Leo is planning to join Hollywood sometime in the future. Julie had once said in an interview that she loves to be a mother and can never be a person who is “level-headed.” She continued:

“I’ll never be always calm, always relaxed and be like, it’s okay. You know, I hear my son telling me something about a kid that says something nasty to him. I’m always in a position of protecting him. I think I’m a good mother because I’m extremely protective.”

Julie Delpy’s second husband is involved in the film industry

Julie Delpy and Dimitris Birbilis have been married since 2015 (Image via AmoMama)

There have been many examples all this time where we have seen actors getting married to someone who belongs to the same field. Julie Delpy even opted for the same and exchanged vows with production manager and assistant director, Dimitris Birbilis.

Dimitris has worked on films such as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and The Lost Daughter. He even collaborated with his better half on a project titled Before Midnight. The duo have been spotted together at different events but Dimitris is still a private person compared to his wife.

The Paris, France native’s first marriage was to Marc Streitenfeld in 2007. Marc has pursued a career as a music composer and his talent has helped him to work on successful films. The list includes titles such as Killing Them Softly and Six Minutes to Midnight.

Julie Delpy wanted to become an actor since her childhood

Julie Delpy has worked on films and TV shows for a long time (Image via Page Six)

Multiple sources have said that the Voyager star always dreamt of being a part of the celebrity industry. This can be credited to her parents who were working in theater and films. Delpy was only 14 years old when she started her career and was cast in several short films.

In the next few years, she managed to include many other titles under her credits. The long list includes The Three Musketeers, The Passion of Ayn Rand, The Legend of Lucy Keyes, and more.