April Winchell was a part of Kevin Spacey’s life for a brief period

Certain faces in the film industry cannot be forgotten so easily. A few of them remain away from the spotlight for a long time until they get proper recognition at one point. Kevin Spacey is one of those personalities who has built a huge fanbase for himself over the years.

But apart from his successful career, it must be noted that he is not married until now. The reason for the same remains unknown but he had a few romantic links in the past, including with actress April Winchell. This was not an exciting or unique thing since it did not contribute much to the name that he made for himself.

Kevin Spacey’s brief association with April Winchell was a common topic for headlines in the past

April Winchell and Kevin Spacey were linked for almost a year (Image via Legit.ng)

Kevin has not tied the knot with anyone and despite being single, he has been enjoying the popularity that comes from his appearances on screen. Keeping these things aside, if the focus is on his relationship with April Winchell, it can be said that it was not a long-term bond.

Sources have said that both of them were linked after April completed her graduation. Winchell has also stated in her diary that they were dating at a time when she was around 19 years old. The circumstances leading to their romance alongside the reason for the separation remain a mystery and will stay like that forever.

However, the breakup seemingly did not leave any bad impact on Kevin’s life since he continued to work in the industry. The same also applied for April and Kevin was later linked to several other faces who were popular celebrities. Just like his relationship with April, the rest of the associations could not stay normal for a long period.

April Winchell is also a part of the film and TV industry

April Winchell has voiced several characters (Image via YouTube)

Also known as April Terri Winchell, it did not take many years for her to get the fame that she deserved. April’s parents were also talented and her father was a victim of mental health issues which somehow affected her childhood, keeping away the normal conditions.

The New York City native’s journey started during the 70s when she gave her voice to certain characters in various TV shows. Most of these were animated series and she began to grab the lead roles in projects such as Goof Troop and Mighty Ducks.

Apart from her acting career, April has been supporting multiple charities and is the creator of April’s Army. Furthermore, she even had a successful career on radio.

Kevin Spacey’s iconic characters have made him famous among the public

Kevin Spacey has been an expert in comedy (Image via The Hollywood Reporter)

Spacey is a personality who grabbed the attention of the audience in a very short period. His initial credits included a lot of films where comedy was specifically featured and this helped him to display his comedy skills on the big screen.

The number of TV shows in Spacey’s filmography has not been that much but the most popular among all of them is House of Cards. He portrayed Francis “Frank” Underwood in 65 episodes of the series and even served as an executive producer.