Hannah Waddingham and Gianluca Cugnetto made public appearances despite keeping other details a secret

Whenever we talk about Hollywood, we try to focus a little bit on the personal life of a celebrity. But we can’t do much if that particular person decides to keep himself or herself away from the camera. The same can be said for Hannah Waddingham who is currently a famous face on television.

A lot of things about Waddingham have been said by different sources over the years. In between all that, one thing is confirmed for now, which is that she has been in a relationship with Gianluca Cugnetto. The details about the relationship are also disputed except that the duo are no more together.

Hannah Waddingham had a child with her former partner despite having some issues

Hannah Waddingham and Gianluca Cugnetto’s relationship was on the headlines for a long time (Image via AmoMama)

Whenever a couple is living happily, certain problems crop up between them which might lead to something serious in the future. The best thing for now is that nothing like that happened between Hannah Waddingham and Gianluca Cugnetto and they were seen together at different events.

A few reports have stated that the romantic link was established back in 2012 and they had an Italy-based hotelier as a common friend who seemingly became a matchmaker. Everything was going fine and Hannah decided to bring a new member which led to a pregnancy announcement around nine years ago.

They were romantically linked to each other for a long time but never exchanged vows. An exact date of separation was not confirmed by anyone but most of them say that it happened either in 2022 or 2023.

Hannah Waddingham has been taking care of her daughter despite being a single mother

Hannah Waddingham has been taking care of her kids without any other help (Image via BBC)

Back in 2023, the actress addressed how she has been managing everything as a single mother and that the task is not easy considering that she is also in demand in the film industry. She even recalled a moment when her daughter was ill at the age of three and she was working on a project in Belfast at the same time.

Hannah revealed that her daughter was hospitalized for a long time and she refused to get employed anywhere. She still managed to find a role in Lasso which satisfied her and described her daughter as the greatest while she dedicated the Emmy Award in her list of accolades to her daughter.

Hannah Waddingham and her successful career explained in brief

Hannah Waddingham has been featured in many films and TV shows (Image via Digital Spy)

The 49-year-old has spent more time on television instead of films. But it should be noted that audiences would get to see her playing an important role in the upcoming eighth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Coming to her history on the small screen, she has got a lot of credits under her name, including as Tonya Dyke in seven episodes of the British sitcom, Benidorm. She even portrayed some recurring roles in shows such as 12 Monkeys and Sex Education.

Her filmography even includes one of the most successful TV shows, Game of Thrones. She has presented shows like The Olivier Awards 2023 and Eurovision Song Contest. Her work has also helped her to win some awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award.