Daisy Kent And Thor Herbst Maintained Some Secrecy Before Revealing Everything To The Public

When we love someone, we do things that are completely contrary to our nature. While people start doing something like this, then everyone knows that the person is in love. Daisy Kent is a well-known personality and she always kept her personal life private. She was always in the headlines because of her work. But this time because of her own love she has come into the spotlight.

Yes, recently she has accepted in front of the public that she is in a relationship. She is a girl who has always kept her personal life private and has openly confessed her love for the first time.

Daisy Kent has recently made her new relationship public

Daisy Kent brought her partner in front of people some time ago (Image via people)

Daisy is romantically linked with Thor Herbst whom she met at San Diego State University when they attended the college. It has been reported that when she went on an interview, she accepted that she was in love but with whom she did not say the name of her boyfriend.

The new relationship came to the spotlight after she reached the final two spots on Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. Kent then decided to step back after she felt like Graziadei decided to choose Kelsey Anderson.

She explained to Graziadei that she first realized when they were at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left and it was, she, he, and Kelsey together. She continued by saying that both of them looked at each other and realized that it was not her. She also remembered that when she was attempting to suppress her feelings and put them aside.

Kent said she felt nervous and confused going into her final date with him and ended up deciding that it was not she whom he liked. Later he proposed to Anderson and she said yes.

Kent fell for Kelsey Anderson after reaching the final two on The Bachelor and the duo were able to meet each other after the show ended. A source for Us Weekly also revealed that he first got in touch with her and that she was having the best time after her life on The Bachelor. She said on the podcast that there is a lot of things going on in her life and that she is happy with what she has so far in her possession.

An insider for the Us stated that Kent and Herbst went to various places and they even took a cabin trip to Utah. They were then seen together at the Stagecoach music festival followed by a family vacation. They even waited at the set of James Kennedy where she smiled at him and enjoyed a few other moments together. Kent’s new romantic link has helped her to use her reality TV experience positively.

Thor Herbst has managed to grab the spotlight because of his new romantic link

Daisy Kent and Thor Herbst’s relationship led to a lineup of best wishes on social media (Image via wegotthiscovered)

It is not that Herbst became famous only because of Daisy. He was quite famous even before getting into a relationship with her. Herbst pursued a career in the world of racing and a profile for SCORE International stated that Herbst grabbed the first spot for Trophy Truck Spec at the King Shocks Score San Felipe 250. He posted a lot of pictures and videos from the San Felipe race 2023 through Instagram, saying that he enjoyed the entire week with his friends and family members at San Felipe.