Camille Voight And Hank Voight’s Characters Have Been One Of The Most Loved Characters Of Chicago P.D.

Sometimes such shows come whose arc remains in people’s hearts. “Chicago P.D.” is also one such drama that has garnered a lot of love from the audience. The genres of this show are Action, Police procedural, and Crime drama. In this TV series, everything has been shown in so much detail that it seems all the characters follow the same profession in real life.

While the series is famous, people have also given a lot of love to all its characters. Among all the characters, most people like Camille Voight and Hank Voight the most. This series has 11 seasons so far and a total of 218 episodes. Derek Haas and Michael Brandt developed the series. Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead created the critically acclaimed show. This is the 11th series of this show which has not ended yet.

Hank Voight’s wife passed away a long time ago

Camille Voight and Hank Voight’s characters have been the most iconic parts of the show (Image via tvbrittanyf)

The character was first introduced as a rogue police officer in another TV series called Chicago Fire. Audiences saw him getting involved in some dirty work to hide a crime committed by his son Justin. He is also threatened by Fire Lieutenant Matthew Casey. The latter is another character from the same TV show.

Voight’s circumstances were clear after the release of Chicago P.D. The feud with Casey was properly displayed alongside the conversations he had with the firefighters of 51. There is a lot of tension and suspicion despite that he is not loved by most of them for being dedicated to providing justice. Voight also has a SIG Sauer P229 in his possession.

Hank bails out his son Justin after the latter crashes a van in a drunken condition. The victim of the van became paralyzed below the waist and he could not play hockey anymore. This also leads to more issues between Hank and Matthew Casey. Hank has been a widow and his wife Camilla passed away a long time ago after suffering from ovarian cancer.

His father Richard was also a cop but died when he was a child. Voight and Cpt. Olivia Benson collaborates with the NYPD Special Victims Unit and develops a relationship despite that their methods are different from each other.

Hank Voight is portrayed by Jason Veghe

Hank Voight’s wife passed away a long time ago (Image via estereofonica)

Jason Beghe started his career as a model in Europe. After that, he acted in a film named Compromising Positions where his acting career started and was also very successful. When his career was at its highest peak, he joined Chicago P.D. and played the character perfectly.

Before starting his acting career, he was a Scientologist. He started training himself in Scientology in 1994 and was featured in advertising campaigns and promotional videos of the Church of Scientology. In 2007, he exited the church and has been a critic of Scientology. It must be noted that Jason Beghe has adjusted his schedule accordingly based on the shows he has been working on.

He married his girlfriend Angie Janu in 2000. Both loved each other very much and had two children. But in 2017, this loving couple filed for divorce and eventually separated permanently in 2020.