Elizabeth Hurley was a subject of discussion at one point when she married Arun Nayar

Celebrities deal with a lot of things in their personal life. One of them is their relationships which are the toughest battle they fight and sometimes things also take a turn for the worse. Elizabeth Hurley is one of them whose popularity also led to an increased focus on the romantic links she had over the years.

But it must be noted that she tied the knot for once in her life. The man was Arun Nayar, a businessman from India, and the relationship did not last long. She managed to become the mother of a child who is now a well-known face in the world of films, television, and modeling.

Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar’s marriage became a common headline at one point

Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley were married since 2007 (Image via The Economic Times)

Elizabeth had a long list of relationships since the time she became active in the industry. However, the focus of the camera was towards her marriage to Arun Nayar. The story began many years ago in 2002 when they met each other and the same should be credited to a common friend.

The duo kept a lot of things about their relationship away from the spotlight and the news of their marriage soon went public. The pair opted to organize two different weddings which included one by following all the rules of the Christian religion.  In the other one, the entire celebration was done by keeping the Indian rituals in mind.

The marriage was going fine until Elizabeth separated from Arun in 2011. She revealed in the court documents that she was not happy with his behavior. On the other hand, Arun’s father Vinod reportedly claimed in an interview that Elizabeth was the reason why the marriage did not continue for a long time.

Arun Nayar followed the same path as his father in terms of career

Arun Nayar has been a successful businessman (Image via NewsNow Nigeria)

There have been instances where parents become an inspiration for their kids and the latter decide to do the same as the elders have done so far. Arun is an example of the same since he did not think much and entered the world of business to build a successful career.

Nayar spent most of his early life in Gunnar, India, and later shifted with his mother along with brother Nikhil. The woman who gave birth to them was known as the founder of a big textiles company and he later went to England when there was some trouble at his Mumbai-based school.

After completing his studies, Arun got involved in the family business and his net worth crossed the mark of almost $200 million. He has spent his holidays in the most luxurious places around the world and this helped him to establish a different kind of reputation among the public.

Elizabeth Hurley’s relationships have always kept her in the limelight

Elizabeth Hurley was romantically linked to many people over the years (Image via The Today Show)

While Elizabeth’s link to Arun Nayar was a subject of discussion over the years, people frequently searched for her on the internet considering the number of relationships she was in throughout her career.

The list also includes the name of Wonka star Hugh Grant as the duo were engaged for around 13 years. Her second engagement was with cricketer Shane Warne which could not exist for more than three years. The 58-year-old was last seen in a film titled The Piper.