Kirsten Corley and Taylor Bennett were family members for a long time until Corley split from Bennett’s brother

Every family has some unique relationships that help in expanding the number of members. This additionally contributes to the creation of the future generation. But some bonds are a little bit different and the same can be said for Kirsten Coley and Taylor Bennett.

It must be noted that Coley was the sister-in-law of Bennett since she was married to his brother, Chance the Rapper. Both brothers have been active in the rapping industry for many years and have released a lot of successful projects. Furthermore, Coley is also well-established in her field and although she split from Chance a long time ago, things seem to be fine for now.

Although Taylor or Coley have not addressed anything on how close they were to each other, we would have a look at the entire link with individual focus.

Taylor Bennett resembles his brother and is equally successful

Taylor Bennett is also a rapper like his brother (Image via

Brothers born to the same family, Taylor and Chance have shared a close relationship over the years. But this does not mean that being the youngest, Taylor has been less successful compared to Chance. Bennett’s shows have received a positive response since their tickets cannot be found when the date approaches closer.

He had once said in an interview that Chance will always remain the best, adding that he is still working to find his perfect place in this industry. Coming to Taylor’s work, his first project, an album titled Broad Shoulders came out in 2015 and he reportedly developed an interest in rap when he was only 9 years old.

He was just 17 when he performed at his first sold-out show. Taylor additionally claims that Chance is more of a best friend to him and they have encouraged each other to work hard and survive in the upcoming years. Apart from being active in music, Bennett has been an amazing father to three children born from his relationship with Kayla Moore.

Kirsten Corley was with Chance the Rapper for 10 years until they separated

Kirsten Corley and Chance the Rapper were married for around 10 years (Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Kirsten and Chance’s love story began back when they were kids. They were linked at an office party organized by Chance’s mother. Chance reportedly fell for Kirsten but failed to impress her at the first meeting. They met many years later at an event in Austin and managed to remain in touch for many years.

In 2018, Chance asked his childhood love to marry him and she accepted the proposal. The duo did not stop here and they tied the knot the next year at a ceremony organized in California. The wedding was attended by some popular faces from the entertainment industry.

Three years before their marriage, Chance and Kirsten became the parents of their first kid. They had another child the same year when they tied the knot. Chance decided to postpone a few of his events and opted to give some extra time to his wife and kids. They split in April 2024 but have not revealed the reason.

Kirsten Coley is successfully operating a clothing brand

Kirsten Corley currently owns a big brand (Image via People)

Kirsten Coley might not be a popular face like her ex-husband but she is quite satisfied with what she is doing. Coley is a graduate of DePaul University and other details related to her schooling and early life remain unknown.

She was a student of the Art Institute of Chicago for some time which helped her to launch a clothing brand called World of BOBY. The website has a huge collection of outfits for the kids. She even worked as a model and participated in a few basketball matches in the past.