Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout’s relationship has been all about privacy

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Jesse Eisenberg has portrayed various roles, including the antagonist in a DC film. Like every other celebrity, Jesse has another life outside the spotlight where he normally returns home, sleeps, goes back to work, and spends time with his family members.

The cameras of various outlets have always tried to bring more news related to Eisenberg’s life in front of the public. But things are not so complicated for Jesse since he has got a beautiful wife named Anna Strout along with a child. They are spending a lot of time together and things seem to be going fine for now.

Jesse Eisenberg maintains a lot of privacy with his better half

Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout exchanged vows in 2017 (Image via Fiasco Plus)

Secrecy has played an important role in the lives of Jesse and Anna. They have done it since the time they tied the knot and have not compromised in terms of keeping their life away from the limelight. So for now it can be said that there are not many details available on how and where this romantic story exactly began.

A few sources have stated that the duo’s dates started back in 2002 and they eventually exchanged vows almost 15 years later in 2017. The pair decided not to wait for too long and had their first child the same year. They did not announce anything on social media and the news was confirmed by different outlets.

The pregnancy news was doing rounds on the internet for some time until the child was born. Jesse and Anna also split for a brief period in 2012 but they sorted out the issues between them and were back together again.

Anna Strout remains silent when it comes to talking to the press

Anna Strout is pursuing a similar career like her husband (Image via Daily Mail)

There have been many popular faces over the years who have preferred to keep things to themselves. Anna Strout is also one of them and she has been hardly spotted talking to any major news outlet. A few websites have stated that she was born on May 13, 1983.

Strout is an actress, as stated by many sources, but she has even worked in various other fields, including business and film production. She spent most of her childhood in the US and her father Bob was a writer. Furthermore, her mother Toby served at Bloomington’s Middle Way House as an executive director.

Talking about her filmography, she has got a few titles under her name. This includes Don’t Say a Word, The Emperors Club, and Light on a Path. She has also raised her voice against domestic violence and s*xual assault.

Jesse Eisenberg is involved in other activities along with acting

Jesse Eisenberg has pursued other careers along with acting (Image via Giant Freakin Robot)

The New York City native is famous among the audience for his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in the highly successful film, The Social Network. While his film work is already known by everyone, he even participates in different activities, including donations, which he offered to Middle Way House around nine years ago.

He even worked in a musical titled Shoshana and Her Lovers, serving as a composer. The profits accumulated from the event were sent to a nonprofit organization called Dramatists Legal Defense Fund. He was last seen in the FX series, Fleishman Is in Trouble.