Jill Zarin supported Bobby Zarin as he struggled with his health

There are television stars who have minimal appearances on social media. They appear on projects that are the most popular but they decide to keep a distance from everyone. Jill Zarin is one of them whose participation in The Real Housewives of New York City gave her a much-needed breakthrough.

But on the other hand, the internet has hardly stored anything about her life. The 60-year-old’s personal life remains a point of discussion for many people who know her. According to the official details, she has two marriages in her record and one of them was to Bobby Zarin.

Bobby Zarin’s health issues brought a lot of changes to Jill’s life

Jill Zarin’s husband died in 2018 (Image via People)

Sources have said that Bobby was an important part of the same show where Jill participated. The duo were married for 18 years and Bobby’s sudden demise in 2018 left a different kind of impact on Jill. While a lot of details about Jill remain unknown, his struggle with thyroid cancer was known to everyone.

The problem began in 2009 and he had to undergo some treatment for the same. He once addressed his treatment in an interview, saying that radioactive iodine can kill the cancer cells in the entire body but it is rare. The problem took a worse turn when the cancer began affecting his lungs.

In between all these, Bobby Zarin contracted a brain tumor and while he had to be hospitalized for treatment, his wife was there to support him. He managed to recover from the disease and Jill continued to look for better options so that Bobby does not have to suffer from a similar problem again. She was reportedly searching for more details related to thyroid cancer.

Jill Zarin started searching for her true love again after Bobby’s death

Jill Zarin and Gary Brody were once seen together (Image via Bruno Fuga Advocacia)

Jill continued to share a lot of posts on her social media page in memory of her beloved husband. However, things were possibly not too easy for her to handle alone and reportedly decided to find someone who could understand her.

She was seen with Gary Brody on one occasion but Jill later denied that they were together. She additionally stated that she had not dated anyone for six months after Bobby’s death. She also mentioned that she accepted some dinner dates since Bobby would not like to see her battling with her emotions.

She later organized an event at the Hampton, aiming to bring awareness of research for thyroid cancer. The event was in memory of Bobby and the attendees had an option to make donations on Jill’s official website.

Jill Zarin has appeared in only one reality show until now

Jill Zarin launched a few brands (Image via Entertainment Weekly)

While Jill Zarin already has a series under her credits, she is additionally pursuing a career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She started a category called Jill Zarin Home Rugs in 2016 and they were launched at an affordable price.

Jill also owns another brand named Jill & Ally alongside a website of the same name. The latter features a huge collection of stones. She is a resident of Florida and Hamptons and apart from her business career, she spends her leisure time getting involved in different sports activities.