Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis’ romance started in 1993 and it did not stop anywhere

There are celebrities whose personal lives have been perfect for more than 20 years and Spike Lee is one of those lucky people. No one knows much about his secret to his happiness except that he has been doing well with his wife Tonya Lewis since 1993 and they also have two kids.

Spike had a long history of films and books over the years and he has not stepped down so easily even if he had to go through any trouble. He comes from a family of celebrities so it is acceptable that he would pursue a similar career.

Tonya Lewis and Spike Lee’s love story started decades ago

Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis have been married since 1993 (Image via IMDb)

Spike’s history with Tonya is said to be something worth listening to. They are currently known as a power couple and considering Spike’s reach in the industry, he was able to attend a Congressional Black Caucus dinner in 1992 where he caught the attention of Lewis.

The relationship slowly began to trend on top of the headlines and eventually led to the engagement of the duo. The pair did not stop so soon and exchanged vows the following year. They decided to expand their family and had a child named Satchel Lee in 1994.

Spike and Tonya continued to attend many events in the next few years, including the 70th Annual Academy Awards. Just like their parents, the celebrity couple’s children also managed to remain in the spotlight and received the title of Golden Globes Ambassadors respectively.

Tonya Lewis has been an expert in different fields

Spike Lee’s wife has been active in the same industry (Image via The Trent)

It is common for certain people to follow a similar career to their better half. This has been the same for Spike Lee’s wife Tonya Lewis, who has been producing a lot of projects. She is additionally known for her work as an entrepreneur.

Tonya was initially involved with Nickelodeon and became popular for bringing a show titled Miracle’s Boys. Apart from all these, she established a company called ToniK Productions, which has created the best projects over the years. She even wrote books such as Giant Steps to Change the World.

Tonya also got some films under her list like The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Her additional venture includes a vitamin company named Movita where items are available for sale via online platforms.

Spike Lee’s work on the director’s chair has been praised by critics and audiences

Spike Lee has been featured in multiple films and TV shows (Image via CNBC)

Also known as Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee, his acting skills have received a positive response. He has been active since the 80s but has made limited appearances in his career. His flawless performances have been featured in projects like She’s Gotta Have It and Lisa Picard Is Famous.

Coming to his work on television, it has been short but is successful. As a producer, he has made films such as You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Kills You. While his directorial talent is loved by the public in feature films, he has even filmed the videos of artists like Michael Jackson. Spike Lee’s credits list also includes multiple short films.