Justin Theroux’s Longtime Romance With Heidi Bivens Witnessed Its End For Unknown Reasons

When a person becomes a celebrity, even the smallest thing about him makes headlines, and the public becomes eager to know more. In the same way, Justin Theroux had been in a relationship with Heidi Bivens for a long time and even after trying to keep it private, the news came out.

Heidi had started dating Justin in her 20s and at the same time, she also came into the limelight, although she is still considered as one of the famous actresses. They lived in this loving relationship for 14 years but had no marriage or engagement. After breaking the relationship for so many years, no one ever shared any details, but there were reports that he had cheated on her because of Jennifer Aniston.  

Justin Theroux’s former partner is well-trained in designing

Justin Theroux’s first relationship with Heidi Bivens was the longest in his history (Image via Broadway)

Heidi is a fashion designer who designs international clothing and stylists for advertisements and has worked extensively in film and television. She has been giving the best she can to the industry where she has been employed and she has worked as a costume designer on films such as Spring Breakers and Inland Empire. She even collaborated with photographers and filmmakers and worked on multiple short films and advertisements. Among her long list of works, the HBO series Euphoria is also included.

Justin Theroux was linked to two more people for a brief period

Justin Theroux was later linked to another popular personality (Image via Esquire)

Justin became romantically involved with Jennifer after breaking up with Heidi. Earlier both of them were good friends but as both of them moved in together, Jennifer introduced Justin as her boyfriend. The relationship became public in 2011 after they attended a handprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

After dating almost for a year, he gave a new name to their relationship and got engaged in August 2012. He proposed to her on his birthday and with her answer, his birthday became even more special.

After three years of engagement, they changed their vows in August 2015. But the separation news unexpectedly came out in two years. Both of them stated that they would remain close friends.

Theroux and Petra Collins were also linked to each other in the past and the relationship grabbed public attention when Theroux shared a social media post by tagging Collins. Theroux and Aniston’s separation was later confirmed and the former reportedly moved in with Petra. The pair were spotted at a Met Gala event in 2018 and even went for lunch together. The reports did not emerge anymore at one point when it was confirmed that Theroux was romancing someone else.

His name was also mentioned along with Enma Stone. A few photographs were taken of the two having dinner together in New York. But later she said in an interview that he is like a brother to her with whom she enjoys spending time.

Justin Theroux is a popular face in the world of films

Justin Theroux gained recognition for making a lot of films in his career (Image via Asiaone)

Justin has worked in a lot of movies and television throughout his career. Because of his work, he has got many titles under his credits and this helped him to win accolades like the Primetime Emmy Awards.