Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McCleard’s short-time romance ended in only four years

Romantic stories are nothing new in today’s world and Emily Ratajkowski had a very successful one until it ended for her good. Being a model and actress, it was easy for Emily to search for love once again but she has opted to focus more on her work and less on how to carry forward her personal life.

Sebastian Bear-McClard was possibly the only person who gave Emily the feeling of true love. The pair’s love story is something that the entire world deserves to hear, and it is bad that the relationship could not exist for more than four years.

Emily Ratajkowski’s romance with her husband was not something that was going on for decades

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard were romantically linked for four years (Image via Harper’s BAZAAR)

While the duo hardly addressed anything about their relationship officially, it must be noted that the pictures of them went viral on different platforms in 2018. Sources say that Emily was linked to music producer Jeff Magid at the time and her fans believed that the relationship was over forever.

During her appearance on Busy Tonight, Emily stated that she has known her husband for many years. After a long wait, fans received the news of the pair’s engagement and everyone was happy for them. The couple also prepared wedding bands with gold that were brought from Chinatown and visited a jewelry designer for further assistance.

None of them decided to wait anymore and they opted to get married in the same year. The wedding ceremony was said to be a different one and the event was attended by the closest friends. Their happiness doubled with the arrival of a baby in March 2021 but things took a sad turn as the couple eventually separated in 2022.

Emily Ratajkowski’s husband has a few credits below his name

Emily Ratajkowski’s husband is also a popular face (Image via Entertainment Tonight)

Some actors manage to get the spotlight and others don’t. Sebastian Bear-McClard belongs to the latter but that does not mean that people are not well aware of who he is and what he is doing. He has been involved with films such as Heaven Knows What and more.

He even collaborated with Joshua and Ben Safdie to start a company called Elara Pictures. He has been gifted with flawless acting skills and his filmography includes a lot of titles, like Uncut Gems. It must be noted that Sebastian’s family has been full of artists.

Emily Ratajkowski has been perfect as a model

Emily Ratajkowski had a brief career as an actress (Image via People)

The London, England, native indeed had a dual career, but it is her work in modeling that has been better compared to her work on screen. The career started many years ago when she was getting her education from reputed institutions and started posing for multiple publications.

Emily worked on some music videos too that received decent feedback from everywhere. Her modeling career has witnessed a different kind of rise over the years. As an actor, her acting skills have been praised in films like We Are Your Friends and Lying and Stealing. She has not portrayed any major roles on television but she has been a part of a few series.