Renee Paquette And Jon Moxley’s Passion For WWE Have Contributed To The Formation Of An Unbreakable Bond

Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette are a couple that remains on top of the headlines due to their healthy relationship. They are also famous as a wrestling pair but have not shared anything about when they began dating despite that they have been together

It is said that both of them have been together since 2013. The duo exchanged vows in 2017. After that Renee gave birth to their first child in 2021 and it has been almost seven years, and they did not have to undergo any troubles inside their relationship.

Renee Paquette’s better half is truly in love with her

Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley have resided happily for almost seven years (Image via Sescoops)

The romance was supposedly confirmed to happen between the pair a long time ago. Renne even mentioned that it took a short time for them to understand something was going on. They were once in Vegas and went out together which helped Renee to get close to Moxley’s friends’ group. This was not the end since they remained out of the house for the entire night.

After dating for a long period, the duo tied the knot in a ceremony organized at the Las Vegas-based residence in April 2017. Later in November 2020, the duo announced Renee’s pregnancy and gave birth to their daughter Nora Murphy Good in June of the following year. 

Renee Paquette’s husband has developed an amazing physique for his career

Jon Moxley was a part of the WWE for a long time (Image via Pwmania)

Also known as Jonathan David Good, his successful career can be credited to his collaboration with All Elite Wrestling for many years and he has also been associated with the Blackpool Combat Club.

He even participated in different competitions which has helped in the growth of his career and later became popular for his work on WWE, where he was given the name of Dean Ambrose while he fought inside the ring. In 2019, he discontinued being a part of WWE and he returned to his original form and his next appearance at the inaugural event of AEW, Double or Nothing.

It must be noted that he did not give up wrestling and continued to pursue more of the same at the NJPW and emerged as the winner of the AEW World Championship. He won the competition for another time and broke many other records. He soon started to get involved with the pay-per-view events and was featured in 14 championships in his history.

Renee Paquette’s work on television has been praised over the years

Renee Paquette shares a passion similar to her husband (Image via Wrestlingjunkie)

Television is that world that has given fame to many people and Paquette was one of those who established herself perfectly in this world. She has taken the lead for multiple WWE events and even worked as a commentator in her career.

Paquette’s journey started many years ago with a show titled Right After Wrestling and just like her better half, she got involved with WWE. She has spoken to a lot of popular faces for having an amazing personality as an interviewer and was the co-host of some events.

She also exited WWE at one point and launched a podcast that has received millions of views on YouTube. Apart from WWE, she was a part of a reality series, Miz & Mrs.