Lana Del Rey’s Relationship With Francesco Carrozzini Kept Her Happy And Satisfied For A Year

It is common for artists to go through ups and downs in their careers. But when we speak about Lana Del Rey, she has not witnessed anything negative so far over the years. She is doing well with her work and her projects have been highly successful when it comes to reviews and sales.

There is one thing that has been common for Lana, which is the long relationship history. This has specifically happened because she has failed to find the perfect love for her life. One of those persons is Francesco Carrozzini and the romance did not last long for more than a year.

Lana Del Rey was spotted with her former partner a few times

Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini opted to keep their relationship away from the spotlight (Image via Glamourmagazine)

When it comes to celebrities, the media does not prefer to miss a glimpse of their appearance with anyone. The same has been the case for Lana Del Rey and she even went out with Francesco Carrozzini a few times. The duo were also captured by the photographers, bringing them more into the spotlight.

Neither Lana nor Francesco revealed anything about how they knew each other, the news came in front of the public in July 2014 when they appeared alongside each other in Italy. In an interview, Francesco reportedly stated that he was residing with Lana in an “isolated” world in Los Angeles, describing it as a different world where they were satisfied.

While the pair decided to go their separate ways the following year, they refused to reveal any reason for the same. Lana continued to date more people with time and the circumstances leading to the split remained a secret for everyone. It is still a mystery that would possibly remain unsolved in the future.

Lana Del Rey’s ex-boyfriend’s expertise in films is one of his major highlights

Francesco Carrozzini has made four films so far in his career (Image via Vanityfair)

Films are an important part of today’s society and Francesco Carrozzini also created a few projects which helped to bring some truth out to the people. He has two feature films in his credits, including Franca: Chaos and Creation and The Hanging Sun.

Apart from feature films, Francesco also helmed some music videos for artists, including his former partner. Due to his flawless work, he has been recognized by several organizations such as The Human Kind Institute. While films have been an important part of his career, he even gave directions for some commercials in the past.

Lana Del Rey’s music has been the best thing in her life over the years

Lana Del Rey has multiple albums under her credits (Image via Rollingstone)

Also known as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, she reportedly arrived in New York City around 19 years ago so that she could build her career in music. She soon began to work with a lot of record labels and her albums started making her a popular face among the public.

Her first self-titled album turned out to be her biggest breakthrough. She has not taken a break after that and continued to bring more projects. She has an album in her upcoming lineup which is titled Lasso and she even got a few films under her long credits.