Ric Flair and Jackie Beems’ marriage led to a lot of problems between the duo

The world of wrestling is not so complicated like films and TV shows. But a few things have remained the same, including the personal lives of everyone, who prefers to keep everything away from the limelight. The same cannot be said for Ric Flair, whose relationships and separations are in public view.

It must be noted that the WWE star has a long list of marriages and one of his wives was Jackie Beems. It is unfortunate that this bond could not last as long as expected and witnessed its end at one point. So let’s check what went wrong with the information that is available so far in different mediums.

Ric Flair’s marriage to Jackie Beems was the fourth on his list

Ric Flair and Jackie Beems tied the knot back in 1988 (Image via Pinterest)

Romantic stories are always known for featuring a lot of love and attraction. The husband and wife also respect each other in those stories but if we talk about Ric Flair and Jackie Beems, it must be noted that it has been a decision that turned out to be a bit controversial for Flair over the next few years.

Flair and Beems decided to spend the rest of their lives together in 2009. The wedding happened in the same year when Ric divorced his third wife, Tiffany VanDemark. Things were going fine for almost three years until Flair was accused of being engaged in abusive behavior.

In another instance, Ric had to be taken to the hospital when an argument with Beems took a violent turn, with multiple injuries to Ric’s face. The worst was waiting for Flair as Beems charged him with maintaining a lot of relationships with different women, which left her humiliated. Nothing changed for any one of them and the duo decided to go their separate ways in 2014.

A little more about the allegations of Jackie Beems against her ex-husband

Ric Flair’s life was involved in some trouble after his marriage to Jackie Beems (Image via USA Network)

As mentioned earlier, Flair and Beems’ marriage became a victim of several issues. Flair was taken into custody by the authorities in 2010 when he was reportedly charged with hitting Beems. The charges were eventually removed since there was no evidence to prove the same.

A year before their marriage officially ended, Jackie was being searched for by the cops due to an arrest warrant that came out in her name. She was accused of harassment when she repeatedly called Flair’s new partner and sent many voicemails alongside messages.

The problems continued and Flair was charged for not paying any spousal support to his ex-wife. However, Flair clarified in an interview that he failed to make the payment since his son passed away and he was hospitalized for almost a month.

Ric Flair had a successful career in the world of wrestling over the years

Ric Flair has been associated with the All Elite Wrestling for a long time (Image via National Today)

Also known as Richard Morgan Fliehr, he has been involved with WrestleMania and even emerged as the winner of the Royal Rumble back in the 90s. He won a few accolades for his flawless work and is an active part of the NWA Hall of Fame and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Flair’s passion for wrestling developed at a very young age. He participated in several sports activities during his time at the college, including football. He spent the majority of his childhood in Edina, Minnesota.