Pandora Vanderpump-Todd is having a perfect life with husband Jason Sabo outside the spotlight

The entertainment industry is full of several families and the Vanderpump family is one of them. Among all the members, Lisa can be described as the member with the highest amount of popularity. She has two children Pandora and Max, and both of them are well-established in their respective careers.

But our main focus will be on Pandora Vanderpump-Todd, who has been with her partner Jason Sabo for a long time. The duo even decided to take things further and is happily living together as husband and wife for many years. Despite that she belongs to a famous family, people hardly know much about her.

Pandora Vanderpump-Todd has been maintaining a distance from cameras for many years

Pandora Vanderpump-Todd and Jason Sabo are the parents of a son (Image via Distractify)

It is common for a celebrity to keep things to himself or herself without revealing much to the public. Pandora Vanderpump-Todd is one of those people and although she is a married woman, she has opted to keep everything a secret, including how romantic feelings developed between her and Jason Sabo.

Apart from her husband, she even shares a close bond with her son Theodore Wolf Sabo. The little kid was born back in November 2021 and Pandora disclosed the same through her social media page at the time. She wrote in her caption that she is in love with the kid and expressed gratitude towards Pandora and her husband for making her a grandmother.

Pandora Vanderpump-Todd’s collaboration with her mother turned out to be successful

Lisa Vanderpum-Todd has collaborated with her mother for a few things (Image via People)

The Vanderpump family has been in the headlines for many years for launching a blog titled Very Vanderpump around 12 years ago. The mother-daughter duo share a lot of food recipes alongside a glimpse of the family events, travel tips, and more.

Lisa had once praised her mother, saying that she always imagined Lisa in “distressed denim overalls and Wellingtons.” She further stated that her father ensured that her mother felt alone in her life and Lisa did the same in return for her husband.

Lisa is also a dog advocate alongside her brother and formed The Vanderpump Dog Foundation in 2016. She had once said in an interview that the organization has managed to save thousands of dogs and she serves as a board member of the company. She has dogs of her own at home and shares a lot of pictures and videos of them on Instagram.

Pandora’s mother is a popular face on television

Lisa Vanderpump has been frequently featured on television over the years (Image via People)

There have been several television personalities who became active for more than 30-40 years and continued a successful career. The list includes the name of Lisa Vanderpump who was featured for nine years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, she even launched several spots such as restaurants and bars in collaboration with her husband Ken. She has been a part of some Facebook specials at the same time and has a lot of projects in her filmography like Leap in the Dark and The Wildcats of St Trinian’s. Her career has helped her to become the owner of a few houses over the years.