Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe were best friends before romantic feelings emerged between them

While the world of Harry Potter has been full of magic and fantasy, it has also contributed to making a lot of faces from the entertainment industry famous among the public. Although Daniel Radcliffe and many others became popular back in 2001 with the first film, the spin-off, Fantastic Beasts, gave similar fame to Eddie Redmayne.

But it must be noted that the actor already had a long list of films under his name. The Red star is enjoying the success that he received from his work in the franchise and giving a lot of love to his wife of around 10 years, Hannah Bagshawe.

Eddie Redmayne met his wife many years before they began dating

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe started by being a close friend for each other (Image via Us Weekly)

The duo’s love story started back in 2000 and they were in the same school at the time. They first connected during a fashion show at Eton College where Eddie was a student and Hannah was studying in another college located near the same place.

However, a romantic link was established between the pair only after 12 years and they went together for a vacation while Redmayne was working on a film titled Les Miserables. The pair made their engagement official in 2014 and it was Redmayne who expressed his love for his better half.

Eddie and Hannah decided to tie the knot the same year and a private ceremony was organized at the England-based Babington House. For their honeymoon, the couple chose the mountain Alps and although they were planning to ski, they failed to find any snow for the same.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe continue to share more memories over the years

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe are the parents of two children (Image via Page Six)

As mentioned, it has been 10 years since Eddie and Hannah have been together. The former has once stated that he has learned a lot about fashion due to his wife. The Westminster, London native said that he always consults Hannah before leaving for any event and she can easily tell the difference between right and wrong.

There was a moment in 2015 when Redmayne’s name was on the list of nominations for an Academy Award and he shared the news with Hannah. The Richard II star appeared for an interview with People magazine, saying that he and Hannah were just screaming on the phone.

He spoke to the same outlet at the end of the year and stated that Bagshawe has been keeping him busy with work. The duo’s life became better when they had a child named Iris in 2016 followed by another kid around two years later.

What do we know about Eddie Redmayne’s wife?

Hannah Bagshawe has hardly disclosed much about her life (Image via ABC News)

Despite that her husband is active in a world that can similarly make her popular, Hannah has decided to pursue something else. She is a PR executive and a former student at the University of Edinburgh.

She is an expert in French and apart from that, she has hardly revealed anything about her career. Before her time at the university, she enrolled at Eton College. Just like many others, Hannah has opted to keep her life away from the spotlight except to accompany her husband to events.