Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen decided to wait for a few years before they added more members to their family

It is common for many people today to work and train himself or herself in different fields. For all those who have been watching television for decades, they are well aware of this man named Jimmy Fallon. It doesn’t matter if someone is a kid or an adult, everyone knows about him considering that his flawless work as a host is popular among the public.

While he is flawless as an actor and singer, he is also a good husband. This has been proved due to the bond that he has shared with his better half, Nancy Juvonen, since 2007. Juvonen is active in the same field where she works as a producer.

Jimmy Fallon’s love story with Nancy dates back to 2004

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen first met in 2004 (Image via People)

Things started almost 20 years ago when Nancy was a visitor on Saturday Night Live. The meeting happened to be the best moment for the duo as they got to know each other and Jimmy secretly popped up in front of Nancy. However, Juvonen did not react aggressively and was instead happy to see him.

They met for another time on a show named Fever Pitch which managed to strengthen the bond a little bit more. It even marked a collaboration between the duo and Nancy recalled in an interview that her husband was in love with music at the time.

While speaking on The Tonight Show, Nancy said that she soon started to develop feelings for Jimmy. This happened when the children of Bradley Thomas came on set and she saw Jimmy playing with them.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen’s engagement and marriage were organized in the same year

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen are the parents of two kids (Image via Us Weekly)

Usually, people wait for some time to prepare perfectly for the marriage. But Jimmy and Nancy were not willing to do the same considering that they were too successful enough to plan the best for the wedding ceremony. There was a gap of only five months between both events.

Talking about the duo’s wedding, it must be noted that it was luxurious, and all the arrangements were done on the private island of billionaire Richard Branson, named Necker Island. But after this, they decided to take a long break before expanding the family.

They had a daughter through surrogacy in 2013 along with another child the following year and using the same process. Apart from all these, Fallon sometimes takes the opportunity to praise his better half for being by his side over the years.

Nancy Juvonen created a lot of films since the 90s

Nancy Juvonen has produced a lot of films and TV shows (Image via Nicki Swift)

The Connecticut, U.S. native enrolled at the University of Southern California for her higher studies. She was born to William H. Juvonen, who was a former student of Stanford University and served as a Marine Aviator in the past.

Before her career as a producer, Nancy was employed at various other jobs and was also a flight attendant at one point. She soon formed a company called Flower Films after joining Drew Barrymore. Her first film was Never Been Kissed, which turned out to be successful and this was followed by many other projects.